bk1Belgarun is a new and different publishing imprint launched in 2008 by the established publishing consulting house, BGU Limited. Belgarun, pronounced BEL-GAH-RUN, has developed out of many years working with the world's major publishers to upgrade outdated working practices, increase production efficiencies, develop quality assurance systems and introduce content engineering technologies. Out of this experience we developed a new publishing model that makes specialist and special interest books more easily available. This idea first occurred to us as we were driving past Winchester, whose Roman name is Belgarun (or Belgarum).

Belgarun has technical capabilities comparable to, and in many areas exceeding, those of the big-name-publishers. Our publishing industry knowledge alongside our state of the art publishing technology uniquely position us to be among the very first companies to do true 21st century publishing. Great Books that would be considered non-profitable by mainstream publishers on the basis of limited readership and/or expensive production costs are now within reach.

Belgarun also works in a refreshingly different way with authors.

bk4Everyone has their own set of unique interests and passions, so we believe that one person's "non-mainstream subject" is another person's "essential reading". For our readers the practical result is that we focus on keeping great books in print - books that really deserve to be in print on the basis of their fascination, quality and importance to this and future generations.

Belgarun does not condone or engage in vanity publishing, also known as subsidy publishing, in which the author pays to have their book published. This inevitably reduces the overall quality of the content of books in print because the publisher is not able to impose quality criteria when the author is paying. We publish books based upon their merit, and pay 100% of the production costs.

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